Julie Nerney


Get things done. Make things happen. That’s the top and tail of what I do. As Chair and Non-Executive Director. And I also step into consultancy or advisory roles, mentor, lecture and speak on all aspects of wholehearted leadership.


Non-Exec / Chair Roles

Strategic and future focused leadership for organisations that drive social mobility and social justice.

There will always be a call for more of us to step up for healthcare, education and any organisation that drives social justice. Education can be a way out for many people and supporting social mobility creates life chances for those who have been left behind or lack opportunity. Working on projects that have depth and meaning, these Non-Exec and Chair Roles are strategic and future focused to help balance ambition with realism. Governing and leading from a place of heart and hope.

Critical Friend

Making the good great and helping everyone step up together along the way.

A well-trained eye can easily spot a widening rabbit hole and help you make clear and focused decisions. Facilitating learning and best practice, the critical friend helps you lead programmes and adds value from a place of integrity and a duty of care. Driving change at a pace that everyone can embrace and where everyone involved meets themselves at a higher level. Collectively realising their potential to turn organisations around and make good companies great.

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Speaking / Teaching

Challenging old ideas with wholehearted and inspirational leadership.

What is the future of leadership? What does the future of governance look like? What do we have to unlearn in order to grow? What is the role of the Chair and how do we make it meaningful? Leadership is about cultivating autonomy and purpose to tap into reservoirs of potential while challenging old ideas of hierarchical command and control. Sharing our stories is how we give each other permission to open up and be honest. It’s real talk that can shift the way we see ourselves and that’s an inspirational way to model, teach and lead.