Julie Nerney

Learning to be you

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. This website is largely about me, but what I’m interested in is you, your potential and how I can help your organisation.

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Non-Exec/Chair Roles

Strategic and future focused leadership for organisations that drive social mobility and social justice.

Critical Friend

Making the good great and helping everyone step up together along the way.

Speaking / Teaching

Challenging old ideas with wholehearted and inspirational leadership.

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What drives me

We all deserve to be the brightest version of ourselves, whether we’re shooting for the stars or doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

Bring people with you

Make a positive impact

Make it meaningful

Walk the talk

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In Conversation

Spreading the good word on wholehearted leadership through discussion, podcasts and interviews.


The horse's mouth

Kind words from colleagues, clients and collaborators.

Words worth sharing