Julie Nerney





Updating my website ended up being a deeper process of self-reflection. It had been 15 years since I’d first created a site to help make sense of the different kinds of work that I did. Looking at it I could see the positioning and drive from the 15 years younger version of myself shining through clearly. What a 15 years it had been. Great opportunities. Brilliant people. And a fantastic sense of achievement. A richness of experience which has informed the way I approach my work. But what I also saw was a different me to the person I was today. A new me which had been shaped by those experiences and grown as an individual.

I started the process of creating this website in conversation with a talented copywriter. Talking openly and honestly about what I’d learned, how I’d grown and what it was that energised me today. Reflecting on that conversation and looking back at my old website made me see that it wasn’t just a work journey I’d been on. There had been a significant personal journey too.

You bring your whole self to work. And when you are connected with who you are, why you do what you do and are purposeful about how you go about it, what you do becomes magical. Understanding that, deepening my connection with my own purpose, and being deliberate about what I choose to do means that every day is a joy.

I’m hoping this new site captures the essence of who I am as well as what I do. I’ve had feedback from a small group of people throughout this process who know me well and added real value to its development – you know who you are, a big thank you from me.